Artistic Resume: Marika Jemma

312 Fairmont Ave, Ottawa,

Ontario, Canada, K1Y 1Y8

cel: 613-266-3737







Selected Solo shows


2002 14,000 Days a performance about shopping, laundry and chaos theory, curated by Gail Borgeois (with publication), incorporating interactive video installation and live improvisational performance, special appearance by the Chaos Fairy, SAW Gallery, Ottawa, Ontario


2001 Essential Extractions, towards the articulation of a personal symbolic language, exhibition in the mediums of painting, printmaking and ceramic tile, MUD OVEN Gallery, Ottawa, Ontario

“ One of the best shows that I have seen in this space.” Danny Hussey, Ottawa Artist


1994 Missing From The Myth, exhibition in the medium of found object assemblage ‘portrait’ paintings of famous women who are ‘missing from the myth’, GO Centre, Ottawa, Ontario- additional work commissioned by Ottawa City Councillor, Diane Holmes


1993 Journey To The Temple, installation using large reconstructions of natural shelters, archways and pathways made of branches, sand, string, beach wood, logs, bones, kitsch objects, drawing, painting, video and projections, XChanges Gallery, Victoria, B.C.

“ This is Masters’ level work.” Judith Price, Chair, Visual Arts, Camosun College, Victoria, B.C.


Selected Group shows


2013 INTERFERENCE Group Collaborative Exhibition, Quartair Studio/Gallery, The Hague, Netherlands, site specific installation on a nautical theme with children’s workshop.


2012 Void, exhibition with Swedish artist Birgitta Godlund, ‘Emergence of The Mid-Eye’, black and white drawing, 36” x 60” Enriched Bread Artists, Ottawa, Ontario


2012 Backyard – a dissection of a domestic space, photographic mural consisting of 540 – 4×6 snapshots taken with a manual 35mm film camera in a 360degree panorama and reconstructed into a 12 panel mural 8ft by 12ft with video insert. Festival X Photography Exhibition, Ottawa, Ontario


2011 GREEN- I Want To Curb Your Consumption, 4 gears that turn the world: oil/paper/meat and technology, constructed entirely from re-used materials- plasticine, re-used paper, felt, and metal, at Enriched Bread Artists, Ottawa, Ontario


2010 De-ICING at Enriched Bread Artists, Ottawa, Ontario


2010 – 2012 – Instructor’s shows, curated- Ottawa School of Art, both downtown and Orleans Campuses, Ottawa, Ontario


2009 Band Of Outsiders, curated by Stephan St. Laurent, featuring works from the Floating Warriors series, SAW Gallery, Ottawa


2009 Verticality in Toronto, OConnor Gallery, Toronto,


2009 Text and New Painting, both at Enriched Bread Artists, Ottawa, Ontario


2008 Verticality, curated by Leanne L’Hirondelle, featuring ‘Life Incidently’ an 11 foot DNA-like ladder assemblage of objects and materials found in the urban and natural spaces cataloging the daily movements of the artist through the surrounding habitat between studio and gallery, Gallery 101, Ottawa, Ontario


2007 Video Works, a Buddhist Meditation opportunity, literally the contemplation of watching grass grow while kneeling on a meditation pillow in front of a 1960’s style television console cabinet while being video taped from above. EBA Gallery, Ottawa, Ontario


1998-2014 Enriched Bread Artists Annual Open Studio and show, featuring a new body of work each year. Notably: 1998 – 60’s style furniture made entirely of enriched white bread, 2001 - an interactive live video/performance 2006 - The Hut, a community collaborative weaving project 2012 – Beast, My studio, usually referred to as the ‘summer kitchen’ with reference to the architecture, was re-named this year as “the Anthropology Wing” with reference to my growing collection of bones, stones and vintage metal.




1992 Eloquent Vestiges, XChanges Gallery, Victoria, B.C – I invited 3 women artists with children to meet regularly for 6 months and then co-create an installation on a theme that spoke to their experience as women, artists and mothers. Catherine Severtson, Catherine Charles and Lisa Baldesera.


Selected Performance


1994 The Second Coming of Joan of Arc, by Carolyn Gage, directed by Alexandra Keir, a one woman-lesbian play in the form of a two-hour monologue. Performed at the Stone Angel, Ottawa, Ontario


Selected Film and Video


2006 Sounds of Fading, three screenings in Ottawa, a 4min. super 8 film in colour and black and white


2004 3 Days at The Women’s Voices Festival, premier screening CLUB SAW, Ottawa, a feature length documentary about The Women’s Voices Music Festival, now a historical document of the first all- women’s music festival in Canada. Featuring Evalyn Parry, Lori Cullen and Chris Williamson.


2003 14,000 Days, a 12 minute documentary film of performance highlights, screened at Enriched Bread Artists, Ottawa, Ontario


1996 Pieces of Her Become You, a 15 minute documentary focusing on lesbian domesticity. Screened at the Making Scenes Gay/lesbian Film Festival, National Art Gallery of Canada, Ottawa 1996 and the HERLAND Film and Video Festival, Calgary, Alberta, 1997 online streaming by SAW Video, Ottawa, Ontario





Community and Public Art


2008 Collaborative community art project celebrating the 90th anniversary of the Rosemount Branch of the Ottawa Public Library, installed on site, Ottawa, Ontario.


2006-2008 AROUND THE RAINBOW 22 collaborative community art works, created within the context of the Around The Rainbow project, celebrating diversity of family with an emphasis on creating a cultural of inclusivity for children of GLBTQ families within the greater community. Most projects resulted in permanent installations in public locations, community centres, daycare centres, and ECE centers around Ottawa. Funded by Human Resources Development Canada and administered by Family Services Ottawa.


Grants, Awards, Project Funding, Exhibition Assistance


2006 Time Magazine Person of The Year: You

2003 Post- Production funding for 14,000 Days, the film, Ontario Arts Council and,   Canada Council for The Arts

2002 Exhibition Assistance for 14,000 Days, the performance, Ontario Arts Council and Canada Council for The Arts

1997 Canada Council Travel assistance grant to attend screening of Pieces of Her Become You, Calgary, Alberta

1991 British Columbia Ministry of Culture, award for artistic merit

1991 Monday Magazine award in recognition of student achievement upon graduation


Selected Arts Education and Training


2009 Improvisation and Natural movement, Propeller Dance, Ottawa

2005 Super 8 Filmmaking for Women, IFCO, Ottawa, On.

2003 Sound Techniques for film/video with Kate Kechnie, SAW Video, Ottawa,On.

2001 Editing Adobe Premier, with Jake Hannah, SAW Video, Ottawa,On.

1999 Documentary Filmmaking, Canadian Filmmaker’s Summer Institute, Ottawa, O

1996 Camera techniques, lighting, SAW Video, Ottawa, On.

1991 Visual Arts Diploma, Camosun College, Victoria, B.C.

1987 Theatrical Lighting, Summer Institute, University of Victoria, B.C.

1986 Carpentry Diploma, Camosun College, Victoria, B.C.


Selected Community Involvement


1998-2013 Enriched Bread Artists’ Member, Board Member and past Administrator

2002-2013 CARFAC Ontario, Member

2005-2007 IFCO- Independent Filmmakers Ottawa, Member

1996-2005 SAW Video and SAW Gallery, Member

1991-1993 XChanges Gallery Co-op, Victoria, B.C. member and past Administrator


Selected Teaching, Art Instruction


2009- 2014 Children and teen’s art instructor at City of Ottawa and Ottawa School of Art: Drawing/painting and sculpture

2011-2013 Various workshops in conjunction with The National Art Gallery and the Ottawa School of Art











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